What This Course Has to Offer:

This introduction course walks you through the basic steps you can take at the beginning of your recruiting process to ensure that you are getting noticed and on the radar.

 STM academy will help you be more focused and organized in the beginning of your recruiting process. We will sort through the obstacles and clear the path for you to land on the radar. You are a few clicks away from separating yourself from the pack.You can complete this course in a short period of time, if you are up to it! Of course, we are here to support you and believe that you can get noticed by colleges with these quick easy steps.

STM academy was designed for you. Are you a student athlete that has a desire to get noticed? An athlete who is not from a recruiting hotbed? Are you just frustrated because you believe you have talent to play at the nest level, however no one knows about you? If you said YES to any of those questions, STM academy was made for you. 





                                                                                           LET'S GET IN THE GAME