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  • "Once I began to practice unconditional support for my kids off the field, their performance on the field greatly improved."

President & Founder

Meet Craig

Craig Gunter is a busy father and entrepreneur who has a passion for creating the ideal experience for everyone involved in youth sports.

As a former athlete, coach and father of competitive-sports student athletes, Craig understands the importance of youth sports in shaping the lives of our children. He founded Simplified Team Management to bring smart, high-integrity processes to youth sports; allowing coaches to coach, parents to spectate and athletes to play full out in a supportive environment.

Over the years, Craig has logged well over 20,000 miles driving to tournaments; eaten more than 200 pizza lunches and paced the sidelines of soccer and baseball fields and volleyball and basketball courts from Missouri to Tennessee supporting his kids’ love for playing the game of their choice.

Craig’s approach is a blend of his sports experiences as well as his work as a VP in a large financial services firm where rigor and process made his clients feel confident in investing millions of dollars with him over the years.

STM’s unique programs (STM Recruit, STM’s T2 service, and STM Team Management) provides guidance, insight, direction and support that is needed in order to maximize all of their personal and professional opportunities.

Craig’s personal story is an evolution that took his life from ordinary to extraordinary. After a successful 17-year corporate career that had him traveling and away from his family every week, Craig traded his suits for sweat pants and a life dedicated to his passion: creating the ideal experience for everyone involved in youth sports.

Employing his commitment to exceed client expectations, Craig brings solid business structures, transparent communications, event planning as well as budget planning and management to youth sports team management.

A private coach and trusted advisor to student athletes all over the country, Craig has a keen insight into the unique pressure’s kids and parents feel as they go through the recruiting process both on and off the field. He’s also sensitive to the demands and pressure that come with coaching: the desire to bring out the best in a kid who may or may not be playing to their highest potential. The desire to only coach, and not have to spend your limited time on administrative tasks. And as a sports dad, he is privy to the candid thoughts, fears and conversations parents really have about the recruiting process, team travel and club management.

Craig founded STM, because he understands that coaches, parents and athletes are each making significant investments of time and resources to participate in youth sports. He believes these investments deserve to be honored and valued.

STM is truly reimagining how youth sports are managed, and is the only firm of its kind in the country.

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