On The Record With Craig

Welcome to OTR with CEO, Craig Gunter.
Here coaches, parents and athletes share their thoughts on youth sports.

  • I do, however, believe coaches should be held accountable for their biases, just as all leaders should be. If players are equally as committed and good, but the coach only wants to work with turn-key athletes, I find that disappointing--and not actually coaching.
    -K. Gunter

  • As a former athlete when you get to know your teammates on a personal level there isn't anything you would not do for the them. That commitment to your teammates spills over to your will to fight for each when you come together as a team.
    -L. T. Thompson, Former Univ. Kansas Lady Jayhawk

  • I love organized team dinners, because I get a chance to be with my teammates off the field.
    -Student Athlete A. Hamm

  • Some tournament host need to step their hardware game up.
    -Student Athlete A. Hamm

  • The key to success in any coaching situation is to make your belief about the vision of your team and your coaching style visible from the start.
    -S. E. Lewis

  • I love when there are other things to do outside of soccer when we are out of town for away tournaments.
    -Student Athlete F. Durham

  • I feel our team usually connects more when we do other things outside of soccer.
    -K. Brane

  • I've come to believe that creating is superior to competing. When we create a system that allows our athletes to play at their highest potential by developing more than just their athleticism, they will, by default, also be a player whose team wins.
    -K. Gunter

  • How about just playing the sweet game.
    -Student Athlete K. Grubb

  • Winning. If you aren’t getting playing time, but you team is winning. Your coach is probably making the right decision.
    -Student Athlete N. Durham

  • I like to hear the sound of the ball, my teammates and my coach that’s it.
    -Student Athlete K. Grubb

  • I know what I did wrong, my parents don’t have to repeat it to me and I know how to fix it. I just wasn’t presented the opportunity to retry the situation.
    -Student Athlete K. Grubb

  • I do value my parent’s opinions when they try to encourage me. Sometimes they try to help but they aren’t.
    -Student Athlete K. McEnany



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